Ice Monkey

Pops and freezes nearby Bloons for a short time. Frozen Bloons are immune to sharp damage. Can't Freeze White, Zebra or Lead Bloons.

Ice Monkey Icon
Base Stats
  • Damage: 1
  • Pierce: 40
  • Attack Speed: 2.4
  • Range: 20
  • Easy: 425
  • Medium: 500
  • Hard: 540
  • Impoppable: 600
  • Type: Primary
  • Footprint: 6
  • Hotkey: T
  • Special Stats:
    • Type: cold
    • Freeze: 1.5 seconds


Path 1

Deep Freeze Upgrade Path
Deep Freeze020Deep Freeze is a good option for a longer freeze and more dps.
Re-Freeze Upgrade Path
Re-Freeze002Useful for more freeze and a lerger freeze area.

Path 2

Metal Freeze Upgrade Path
Metal Freeze200A permanent slow down and lead detection is more useful than more range.
Re-Freeze Upgrade Path
Re-Freeze002Increased range can be better in some positions.

Path 3

Metal Freeze Upgrade Path
Metal Freeze200Upgrades are overshadowed by the middle path.
Deep Freeze Upgrade Path
Deep Freeze020A higher attack speed and more popping power increases the effectiveness of Icicles.