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Trophies5766Highest Trophies5897

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Wins10880Losses11212Three Crown Wins4606Matches Played33677Win Percentage32.31%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#29L208VVLTotal Donations155114Created5yrs 3 mos agoLevel14

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Cards Won2627Max Wins10

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Trophies5714Best Trophies5766Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played560

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ArenaChallenger IIILeagueChallenger III

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins42Clan Cards Collected123675


Hog Rider CardMirror CardArrows CardValkyrie CardSkeleton Army CardRocket CardElectro Wizard CardBalloon Card

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Gold Crate+1
Overflowing Gold Crate+2
Golden Chest+3
Silver Chest+4
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Silver Chest+6
Gold Crate+7
Silver Chest+8
Magical Chest+12
Giant Chest+32
Mega Lightning Chest+174
Epic Chest+212
Legendary Chest+648

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards

БешенаяCopy Deck

Clan BadgeГриффиндор

Guards CardTesla CardRascals CardElixir Golem CardMagic Archer CardPrincess CardBaby Dragon CardRoyal Giant CardTrophies0Crowns0

Copy Deckfeel

Clan Badgefeel

Arrows CardMega Minion CardSpear Goblins CardBomber CardRoyal Ghost CardDart Goblin CardWitch CardGuards Card0Trophies3Crowns

15 hours and 55 mins ago

БешенаяCopy Deck

Clan BadgeГриффиндор

Mega Knight CardGoblin Gang CardWizard CardBats CardPoison CardExecutioner CardRoyal Recruits CardFireball CardTrophies0Crowns1

16 hours and 37 mins ago

БешенаяCopy Deck

Clan BadgeГриффиндор

Freeze CardNight Witch CardLightning CardArchers CardKnight CardGolem CardMinions CardFurnace CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy DeckET Town

Clan BadgeColonia

Fireball CardMiner CardBarbarians CardFlying Machine CardFire Spirit CardArrows CardGoblin Giant CardElixir Golem Card0Trophies2Crowns

16 hours and 41 mins ago

БешенаяCopy Deck

Clan BadgeГриффиндор

Balloon CardValkyrie CardArrows CardElectro Wizard CardMirror CardSkeleton Army CardHog Rider CardRocket CardTrophies0Crowns2

16 hours and 45 mins ago