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Trophies5343Highest Trophies5552

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Wins4091Losses5350Three Crown Wins3676Matches Played16146Win Percentage25.34%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#2PRUCUCUPTotal Donations73010Created4yrs 11 mos agoLevel14

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Cards Won1338Max Wins11

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Trophies5515Best Trophies5529Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played86

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ArenaChallenger IILeagueChallenger II

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins70Clan Cards Collected192787


Goblin Hut CardGuards CardArrows CardInferno Dragon CardBandit CardHog Rider CardSkeleton Army CardRoyal Giant Card

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Gold CrateNEXT
Silver Chest+1
Golden Chest+2
Plentiful Gold Crate+3
Golden Chest+4
Golden Chest+5
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Giant Chest+8
Epic Chest+9
Magical Chest+33
Mega Lightning Chest+373
Legendary Chest+533

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards

2 hours and 48 mins ago


Copy Deckالمدمر

No Clan BadgeNo Clan

Giant CardMusketeer CardArchers CardMinions CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardKnight CardFireball CardSpear Goblins Card0Trophies1Crowns

2 hours and 51 mins ago


Copy Decksaman

Clan BadgeBlack Ops

Goblin Gang CardFlying Machine CardBaby Dragon CardGoblin Hut CardArrows CardNight Witch CardWizard CardFurnace Card-26Trophies1Crowns

2 hours and 54 mins ago


Copy DeckEmialiendres

Clan BadgeThe Pals

Rascals CardInferno Dragon CardMother Witch CardSkeleton King CardRoyal Ghost CardSkeleton Army CardGoblin Barrel CardRage Card28Trophies1Crowns

3 hours and 4 mins ago