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Trophies5394Highest Trophies5553

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Wins2448Losses2599Three Crown Wins1357Matches Played5527Win Percentage44.29%

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Tag#2QU0CUPPLTotal Donations27143Created5yrs 3 mos agoLevel12

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Cards Won1045Max Wins11

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Trophies5385Best Trophies5553Rank0

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Cards Won8Matches Played9

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ArenaChallenger IILeagueChallenger II


Hog Rider CardValkyrie CardSkeleton Army CardElite Barbarians CardMusketeer CardArrows CardMinion Horde CardPrince Card

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Matches & Cards


Copy Decknazare90210


Ice Spirit CardValkyrie CardHog Rider CardWitch CardTesla CardZap CardElite Barbarians CardThe Log Card-26Trophies0Crowns

17 hours and 26 mins ago


Copy Deckleo

Clan BadgeLil_justo

Magic Archer CardZap CardElite Barbarians CardBats CardFire Spirit CardGiant Skeleton CardDart Goblin CardGoblin Barrel Card-27Trophies0Crowns

1 days 1 hours, and 3 mins ago


Copy DeckNacho

Clan BadgeAnwayVocacion

Mirror CardThe Log CardDart Goblin CardWizard CardGolem CardPrince CardMinions CardSkeleton Army Card-27Trophies0Crowns

1 days 1 hours, and 6 mins ago


Copy Deckgod of chaos

Clan Badgelady_Hooke

Archers CardWizard CardMega Knight CardZap CardInferno Tower CardMinions CardMagic Archer CardBalloon Card-24Trophies1Crowns

1 days 1 hours, and 9 mins ago