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Trophies4720Highest Trophies5014

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Wins858Losses579Three Crown Wins1135Matches Played3043Win Percentage28.20%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#2RUYJYJLGTotal Donations18798Created5yrs agoLevel11

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Cards Won997Max Wins11

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Trophies4182Best Trophies0Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played58

Clash Royale Legend Trophy IconCurrent Arena

ArenaArena 14

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins7Clan Cards Collected17200


Minions CardWizard CardGolem CardZap CardSkeleton Army CardElectro Wizard CardHog Rider CardGoblin Gang Card

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Mega Lightning Chest+162
Epic Chest+612
Legendary Chest+688

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards

1 days 16 hours, and 59 mins ago


Copy DeckSulfuricDrake

Clan Badgebonewarriors

Mini P.E.K.K.A CardSpear Goblins CardBomber CardGiant CardArrows CardCannon CardBaby Dragon CardBattle Ram Card0Trophies0Crowns

1 days 17 hours, and 3 mins ago


Copy DeckWeintraubensaft

Clan BadgeBET-Clan

Goblin Barrel CardSkeleton Army CardBarbarian Barrel CardBattle Ram CardTombstone CardMega Minion CardValkyrie CardMusketeer Card0Trophies1Crowns

1 days 17 hours, and 4 mins ago


Copy Deck태훈왕

Clan BadgeAmazing

Arrows CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardGoblin Barrel CardValkyrie CardSkeleton Army CardMega Minion CardTombstone CardKnight Card0Trophies0Crowns

1 days 17 hours, and 7 mins ago