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Trophies6209Highest Trophies6471

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Wins16348Losses12386Three Crown Wins5054Matches Played32277Win Percentage50.65%

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Tag#2U8P0YVQTotal Donations248423Created5yrs 10 mos agoLevel14

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Cards Won43903Max Wins12

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Trophies6376Best Trophies6376Rank0

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Cards Won6121Matches Played7760

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ArenaMaster ILeagueMaster I

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War Day Wins319Clan Cards Collected763038


Bandit CardBarbarian Barrel CardRoyal Ghost CardElectro Wizard CardPoison CardArcher Queen CardRam Rider CardP.E.K.K.A Card

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Matches & Cards

利刃华尔兹Copy Deck

Clan Badge快乐的Mini黄人

Balloon CardPoison CardThe Log CardRoyal Ghost CardElectro Wizard CardFreeze CardMagic Archer CardElite Barbarians CardTrophies0Crowns2

Copy DeckAndrea1509

Clan BadgeGG I’M a Bot

Wizard CardFireball CardSkeleton Army CardBalloon CardThe Log CardElectro Giant CardPrincess CardBaby Dragon Card0Trophies0Crowns

5 hours and 11 mins ago

s3rg10Copy Deck

Clan Badgechamalle x

Baby Dragon CardDark Prince CardRam Rider CardBarbarian Barrel CardP.E.K.K.A CardElectro Wizard CardGiant Snowball CardLightning CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy Deckmalvarez

Clan BadgeVenezuela

Valkyrie CardArchers CardInferno Tower CardFireball CardMiner CardZap CardThe Log CardElite Barbarians Card0Trophies0Crowns

8 hours and 4 mins ago

★Gian♡Princess★Copy Deck

Clan Badge❤star flames❤

Bandit CardDark Prince CardRoyal Ghost CardZap CardP.E.K.K.A CardElectro Wizard CardArcher Queen CardFireball CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy DeckRubeNAC

Clan BadgeBREDA076

Hog Rider CardIce Golem CardMusketeer CardFireball CardIce Spirit CardThe Log CardCannon CardSkeletons Card0Trophies0Crowns

8 hours and 32 mins ago

markoCopy Deck

Clan BadgeBum Nation

Bandit CardBarbarian Barrel CardRoyal Ghost CardElectro Wizard CardPoison CardArcher Queen CardRam Rider CardP.E.K.K.A CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy DeckMATT L.

Clan BadgeUSA BIG RED 1

Arrows CardRoyal Hogs CardThe Log CardRoyal Recruits CardElite Barbarians CardElectro Wizard CardMega Knight CardRocket Card0Trophies0Crowns

8 hours and 36 mins ago