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Trophies2600Highest Trophies2690

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Wins376Losses389Three Crown Wins387Matches Played1322Win Percentage28.44%

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Tag#2VPGUR2UJTotal Donations2178Created4yrs 8 mos agoLevel10

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Cards Won94Max Wins3

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Cards Won0Matches Played28

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ArenaArena 9


Inferno Dragon CardFireball CardGoblin Giant CardBaby Dragon CardValkyrie CardGoblin Barrel CardBattle Healer CardSkeleton Army Card

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Mega Lightning Chest+223
Legendary Chest+331

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Clan Badgetizianella life

Sparky CardBarbarian Barrel CardExecutioner CardIce Spirit CardElectro Wizard CardMega Minion CardValkyrie CardRoyal Ghost Card0Trophies0Crowns

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