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Trophies5600Highest Trophies6000

Battle Stats

Wins1319Losses428Three Crown Wins1786Matches Played5876Win Percentage22.45%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#98YRL92U8Total Donations67355Created4yrs agoLevel14

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Cards Won606Max Wins9

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Trophies6000Best Trophies6000Rank0

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Cards Won25Matches Played345

Clash Royale Legend Trophy IconCurrent Arena

ArenaChallenger IIILeagueChallenger III

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins30Clan Cards Collected86940


Royal Giant CardGolden Knight CardFireball CardThe Log CardElectro Wizard CardMega Minion CardElectro Spirit CardFisherman Card

Upcoming Chests

Silver ChestNEXT
Golden Chest+1
Overflowing Gold Crate+2
Silver Chest+3
Silver Chest+4
Golden Chest+5
Silver Chest+6
Silver Chest+7
Golden Chest+8
Magical Chest+12
Giant Chest+43
Mega Lightning Chest+70
Legendary Chest+340
Epic Chest+392

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards


Copy DeckWit4lo

Clan BadgeChocobo

Barbarian Barrel CardGoblin Cage CardFireball CardFlying Machine CardRoyal Recruits CardZappies CardCannon Cart CardRoyal Hogs Card0Trophies0Crowns

3 days 4 hours, and 52 mins ago


Copy DeckEl4ndySoy

Clan Badgelos pollos

The Log CardPrincess CardGoblin Barrel CardRocket CardInferno Tower CardElectro Spirit CardGoblin Gang CardKnight Card0Trophies0Crowns

3 days 5 hours, and 16 mins ago


Copy DeckTympanicregent

Clan Badgespacchiamo tutt

Balloon CardFireball CardTombstone CardFlying Machine CardBats CardZap CardLava Hound CardSkeleton Army Card0Trophies1Crowns

3 days 5 hours, and 20 mins ago


Copy Decksilva

Clan BadgeBRAZIL

Golem CardLumberjack CardValkyrie CardBaby Dragon CardInferno Tower CardArrows CardNight Witch CardMega Knight Card0Trophies0Crowns

3 days 5 hours, and 25 mins ago