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Trophies5439Highest Trophies5650

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Wins2130Losses1918Three Crown Wins776Matches Played6794Win Percentage31.35%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#9YJQRGJLTotal Donations31724Created5yrs 10 mos agoLevel13

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Cards Won601Max Wins7

Clash Royale Legend Trophy Icon Best Season


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Cards Won12Matches Played117

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ArenaChallenger IILeagueChallenger II


Princess CardGoblin Barrel CardThe Log CardGoblin Gang CardKnight CardInferno Tower CardRocket CardIce Spirit Card

Upcoming Chests

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Golden Chest+1
Golden Chest+2
Golden Chest+3
Silver Chest+4
Silver Chest+5
Gold Crate+6
Giant Chest+7
Silver Chest+8
Magical Chest+25
Epic Chest+175
Legendary Chest+537
Mega Lightning Chest+625

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Copy DeckMaxboogie

Clan Badge2k5

Battle Ram CardElixir Golem CardRoyal Hogs CardCannon Cart CardPoison CardMirror CardX-Bow CardRoyal Recruits Card0Trophies2Crowns

26 days 0 hours, and 29 mins ago