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Trophies5373Highest Trophies5637

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Wins1611Losses1768Three Crown Wins1169Matches Played3662Win Percentage43.99%

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Tag#G2Y2GCJQ9Total Donations850CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel11

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Cards Won0Max Wins4

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Trophies5569Best Trophies5574Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played58

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ArenaChallenger IILeagueChallenger II


Miner CardRam Rider CardInferno Dragon CardWizard CardWitch CardMother Witch CardElite Barbarians CardBaby Dragon Card

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Matches & Cards


Copy DeckRenèFerretti


Minions CardRoyal Ghost CardBandit CardThe Log CardTesla CardExecutioner CardElectro Giant CardIce Golem Card-26Trophies2Crowns

3 hours and 12 mins ago


Copy Deckraphi

Clan BadgeLe PTClan

Minion Horde CardGoblin Barrel CardValkyrie CardSpear Goblins CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardArrows CardSkeleton Army CardHog Rider Card30Trophies3Crowns

3 hours and 15 mins ago


Copy DeckNERDnando

Clan Badgepapaletas 2.0

Miner CardZap CardArchers CardGoblin Barrel CardGuards CardThe Log CardRam Rider CardValkyrie Card30Trophies2Crowns

3 hours and 18 mins ago


Copy Deckgrape juice

Clan BadgeSEND Bros

Hog Rider CardMusketeer CardIce Golem CardCannon CardSkeletons CardFireball CardThe Log CardIce Spirit Card29Trophies2Crowns

5 hours and 11 mins ago