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Trophies5113Highest Trophies5322

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Wins382Losses276Three Crown Wins371Matches Played961Win Percentage39.75%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#GVPYUCC82Total Donations2634CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel10

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Cards Won0Max Wins2

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Trophies5322Best Trophies5322Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played16

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Cannon CardIce Spirit CardIce Golem CardSkeletons CardHog Rider CardValkyrie CardMinions CardThe Log Card

Upcoming Chests

Gold CrateNEXT
Silver Chest+1
Silver Chest+2
Silver Chest+3
Golden Chest+4
Silver Chest+5
Silver Chest+6
Golden Chest+7
Silver Chest+8
Magical Chest+12
Giant Chest+37
Legendary Chest+284
Mega Lightning Chest+380
Epic Chest+720

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards


Copy DeckSSR Panda

Clan Badgemonkee clan

Mirror CardWall Breakers CardBalloon CardSkeleton Dragons CardElite Barbarians CardInferno Dragon CardHeal Spirit CardThe Log Card0Trophies3Crowns

10 hours and 50 mins ago



Clan Badgenighthawk

Mega Knight CardWizard CardValkyrie CardWitch CardElectro Wizard CardInferno Tower CardGoblin Barrel CardFireball Card0Trophies2Crowns

1 days 10 hours, and 51 mins ago

Enzo S2Copy Deck

Clan BadgeMike clash

Balloon CardMinions CardValkyrie CardWitch CardTesla CardIce Spirit CardThe Log CardGiant Snowball CardTrophies0Crowns0

Copy Deckkingvilad

Clan BadgePersian Xp

Mother Witch CardElectro Wizard CardThe Log CardMiner CardWitch CardBarbarian Barrel CardWall Breakers CardValkyrie Card0Trophies3Crowns

1 days 10 hours, and 55 mins ago

khashm khersCopy Deck

Clan Badgeiran super star

Minions CardMirror CardThe Log CardBaby Dragon CardValkyrie CardPrincess CardMega Knight CardElectro Wizard CardTrophies0Crowns3

1 days 10 hours, and 57 mins ago