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Wins379Losses154Three Crown Wins419Matches Played1143Win Percentage33.16%

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Tag#J20P0QLRRTotal Donations4483CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel11

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Cards Won0Max Wins2

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Cards Won0Matches Played73

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Firecracker CardSkeleton Barrel CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardBats CardInferno Dragon CardMega Knight CardThe Log CardSkeleton Army Card

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Epic Chest+494
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Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards


Copy Deckstuckbody

Clan BadgeSlaughter

Elixir Golem CardBalloon CardMega Minion CardZap CardBaby Dragon CardWitch CardMagic Archer CardBandit Card0Trophies1Crowns

23 hours and 32 mins ago


Copy Deckian pro 11


Miner CardWitch CardBaby Dragon CardP.E.K.K.A CardBarbarian Barrel CardSkeleton Army CardValkyrie CardFireball Card0Trophies3Crowns

2 days 0 hours, and 5 mins ago

2 days 0 hours, and 8 mins ago


Copy Deckbusco amigos

Clan BadgeGUAPOS

Princess CardHog Rider CardWitch CardArrows CardWizard CardInferno Tower CardSkeleton Dragons CardBaby Dragon Card0Trophies0Crowns

2 days 0 hours, and 11 mins ago