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Trophies4414Highest Trophies4436

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Wins666Losses704Three Crown Wins1006Matches Played3595Win Percentage18.53%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#JP0809CCTotal Donations5566Created5yrs 7 mos agoLevel12

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Cards Won141Max Wins7

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Cards Won0Matches Played124

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ArenaArena 13

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins20Clan Cards Collected51668


Fire Spirit CardDark Prince CardFirecracker CardFreeze CardElite Barbarians CardThe Log CardGolem CardMother Witch Card

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Legendary Chest+262
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Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards

mohammadrezaCopy Deck

Clan BadgeCanuck Clan

Mirror CardWall Breakers CardRoyal Giant CardHunter CardRascals CardBandit CardGoblin Gang CardFireball CardTrophies0Crowns3

Copy Deckdane

Clan BadgeAmogus

Mirror CardWall Breakers CardRoyal Giant CardHunter CardRascals CardBandit CardGoblin Gang CardFireball Card0Trophies0Crowns

5 hours and 34 mins ago

artursCopy Deck

Clan BadgeChill Hut

Skeletons CardIce Spirit CardThe Log CardMiner CardRoyal Delivery CardDark Prince CardTesla CardRocket CardTrophies0Crowns0


Clan BadgeInt0xic Tribux

Hog Rider CardEarthquake CardMega Knight CardElectro Wizard CardKnight CardTesla CardGoblin Gang CardFirecracker Card0Trophies1Crowns

5 hours and 38 mins ago

die bichesCopy Deck

Clan Badgeda best

Bandit CardThe Log CardElectro Wizard CardMega Knight CardInferno Dragon CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardBats CardSkeletons CardTrophies0Crowns0

Copy DeckBarrack Obama


Ice Spirit CardThe Log CardInferno Tower CardValkyrie CardGoblin Gang CardPrincess CardGoblin Barrel CardRocket Card0Trophies1Crowns

5 hours and 42 mins ago

mohammadrezaCopy Deck

Clan BadgeCanuck Clan

Freeze CardWizard CardGolem CardZap CardPrincess CardValkyrie CardSkeleton Barrel CardBomber CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy Deckعلی

No Clan BadgeNo Clan

Poison CardHunter CardMega Knight CardGiant Snowball CardIce Wizard CardRascals CardSkeleton Army CardNight Witch Card0Trophies2Crowns

6 hours and 1 mins ago