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Trophies5425Highest Trophies5547

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Wins1040Losses1172Three Crown Wins589Matches Played2594Win Percentage40.09%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#PLUYP8P2YTotal Donations2514Created2yrs 8 mos agoLevel11

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Cards Won13Max Wins5

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Trophies5382Best Trophies5547Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played62

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ArenaChallenger IILeagueChallenger II


Balloon CardLumberjack CardMega Knight CardElectro Wizard CardBats CardArrows CardInferno Dragon CardSkeleton Army Card

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Mega Lightning Chest+291
Legendary Chest+555

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Matches & Cards

10 hours and 59 mins ago


Copy Decksackkiechan

Clan BadgeHoffnung Royal

Fire Spirit CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardThe Log CardWitch CardMinions CardArrows CardPrince CardValkyrie Card-26Trophies0Crowns

13 hours and 1 mins ago


Copy DeckAnGeLoX

Clan Badgecoronavirus

Zap CardLava Hound CardGuards CardMega Minion CardMinions CardBalloon CardFireball CardTombstone Card-25Trophies1Crowns

1 days 7 hours, and 4 mins ago


Copy Deckle28bastien

Clan BadgeFonce graille

Executioner CardElectro Wizard CardInferno Dragon CardElite Barbarians CardFireball CardWizard CardClone CardMega Knight Card-26Trophies0Crowns

1 days 12 hours, and 49 mins ago