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Trophies5168Highest Trophies5305

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Wins654Losses662Three Crown Wins548Matches Played1509Win Percentage43.34%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#QV9PPPVP2Total Donations7449CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel11

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Cards Won0Max Wins4

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Trophies5262Best Trophies5291Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played57

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Electro Giant CardSparky CardMinion Horde CardValkyrie CardBandit CardSkeleton Army CardThe Log CardCannon Card

Upcoming Chests

Golden ChestNEXT
Silver Chest+1
Silver Chest+2
Silver Chest+3
Silver Chest+4
Silver Chest+5
Silver Chest+6
Golden Chest+7
Plentiful Gold Crate+8
Magical Chest+11
Giant Chest+34
Epic Chest+276
Mega Lightning Chest+444
Legendary Chest+476

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