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Trophies3833Highest Trophies4095

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Wins771Losses718Three Crown Wins549Matches Played1505Win Percentage51.23%

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Tag#R8J0QQ8J9Total Donations1984CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel10

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Cards Won0Max Wins2

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Cards Won0Matches Played25

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ArenaArena 12


Minion Horde CardZappies CardInferno Dragon CardLava Hound CardFireball CardElite Barbarians CardP.E.K.K.A CardPrincess Card

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Legendary Chest+171
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Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards


Copy DeckGv16

Clan BadgeAkatsuki

Electro Giant CardFlying Machine CardMusketeer CardWizard CardThe Log CardElectro Spirit CardGiant Snowball CardGoblin Gang Card30Trophies1Crowns

47 days 21 hours, and 7 mins ago



Clan BadgePersian Gulf

Arrows CardWitch CardBalloon CardBowler CardHog Rider CardPrincess CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardPoison CardFurnace CardRage CardExecutioner CardSkeleton Army CardLava Hound CardThree Musketeers CardP.E.K.K.A CardRoyal Recruits CardGiant Skeleton CardMagic Archer CardLightning CardSparky CardMirror CardClone CardMega Knight CardGolem Card0Trophies4Crowns

48 days 9 hours, and 29 mins ago


Copy Decktaliban

No Clan BadgeNo Clan

Hog Rider CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardBats CardP.E.K.K.A CardGoblin Barrel CardElectro Wizard CardWitch CardTesla Card29Trophies3Crowns

48 days 20 hours, and 3 mins ago



Clan BadgeWvS

Ice Spirit CardElectro Giant CardSkeleton Army CardP.E.K.K.A CardWizard CardArrows CardElectro Wizard CardMinion Horde Card30Trophies3Crowns

49 days 9 hours, and 49 mins ago