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Trophies5278Highest Trophies5370

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Wins608Losses628Three Crown Wins687Matches Played1916Win Percentage31.73%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#RJVC2GVJ0Total Donations4426CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel11

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Cards Won35Max Wins2

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Trophies5178Best Trophies5370Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played63

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Rascals CardRoyal Hogs CardFireball CardInferno Dragon CardBandit CardMagic Archer CardExecutioner CardBarbarians Card

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Silver Chest+1
Golden Chest+2
Silver Chest+3
Gold Crate+4
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Silver Chest+8
Giant Chest+12
Magical Chest+52
Legendary Chest+56
Epic Chest+80
Mega Lightning Chest+334

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6 hours and 39 mins ago

6 hours and 43 mins ago


Copy DeckSoy d’ Alan

Clan BadgeLOS MK

Prince CardElectro Wizard CardRoyal Ghost CardRam Rider CardMega Knight CardMagic Archer CardZap CardThe Log Card-23Trophies1Crowns

6 hours and 45 mins ago

10 hours and 34 mins ago