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Trophies5078Highest Trophies5105

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Wins333Losses255Three Crown Wins211Matches Played645Win Percentage51.63%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#RURGYQGQ8Total Donations3735CreatedLess than 1 year agoLevel11

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Cards Won8Max Wins3

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Trophies5041Best Trophies5105Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played3

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Wall Breakers CardTesla CardGoblin Barrel CardFireball CardTornado CardMinions CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardBomber Card

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Mega Lightning Chest+245
Epic Chest+309

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Matches & Cards


Copy DeckLiadrine

Clan BadgeEuphoria

Baby Dragon CardValkyrie CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardBarbarians CardWizard CardBattle Ram CardMusketeer CardMiner Card0Trophies1Crowns

5 hours and 3 mins ago


Copy DeckKani

No Clan BadgeNo Clan

Goblin Barrel CardBarbarian Barrel CardBaby Dragon CardMiner CardP.E.K.K.A CardWizard CardInferno Tower CardArrows Card0Trophies1Crowns

1 days 1 hours, and 25 mins ago

1 days 9 hours, and 54 mins ago


Copy Deckbigor bam


Barbarians CardPrince CardWizard CardMinion Horde CardBomber CardKnight CardArrows CardHog Rider Card-24Trophies1Crowns

1 days 10 hours, and 3 mins ago