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Trophies5093Highest Trophies5613

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Wins939Losses752Three Crown Wins903Matches Played3631Win Percentage25.86%

Blue Crown Player

Tag#YC8GJ0YJ8Total Donations25826Created1yr 10 mos agoLevel13

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Cards Won8Max Wins5

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Trophies5372Best Trophies5401Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played231

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ArenaLegendary ArenaLeagueChallenger I


Skeletons CardIce Spirit CardFire Spirit CardElectro Spirit CardElite Barbarians CardRage CardHeal Spirit CardMirror Card

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Plentiful Gold CrateNEXT
Silver Chest+1
Silver Chest+2
Magical Chest+3
Silver Chest+4
Silver Chest+5
Golden Chest+6
Silver Chest+7
Golden Chest+8
Legendary Chest+17
Giant Chest+24
Mega Lightning Chest+289
Epic Chest+333

Trophy Progression

Matches & Cards

22 hours and 29 mins ago

Wise OneCopy Deck

Clan BadgeCanuck Clan

Royal Recruits CardRage CardRoyal Giant CardMagic Archer CardClone CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardFirecracker CardArrows CardTrophies0Crowns0

22 hours and 32 mins ago

1 days 5 hours, and 40 mins ago

Wise OneCopy Deck

Clan BadgeCanuck Clan

Mega Knight CardElectro Wizard CardBowler CardBomb Tower CardSkeleton Dragons CardThe Log CardHog Rider CardDart Goblin CardTrophies0Crowns3

Copy Deckeduardo

Clan BadgeLendários BR

Giant CardHog Rider CardBats CardGoblin Barrel CardFireball CardWizard CardWitch CardLumberjack Card0Trophies2Crowns

1 days 8 hours, and 44 mins ago