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Trophies6082Highest Trophies6716

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Wins5861Losses4689Three Crown Wins2694Matches Played18097Win Percentage32.39%

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Tag#YPPQ082PTotal Donations41403Created5yrs 10 mos agoLevel14

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Cards Won398Max Wins10

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Trophies6547Best Trophies6716Rank0

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Cards Won0Matches Played602

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ArenaMaster ILeagueMaster I

Clash Royale Clan Wars Icon Legacy Clan Wars

War Day Wins111Clan Cards Collected398966


Royal Giant CardLightning CardArrows CardFirecracker CardValkyrie CardMega Minion CardSkeleton Army CardInferno Tower Card

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Giant Chest+15
Epic Chest+19
Magical Chest+25
Mega Lightning Chest+195
Legendary Chest+385

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Matches & Cards


Clan Badge!!!MAXIMAAL!!!

Goblin Barrel CardKnight CardDark Prince CardMega Minion CardWitch CardLightning CardBomb Tower CardMini P.E.K.K.A CardRoyal Giant CardWizard CardGuards CardCannon Cart CardMinions CardArrows CardTesla CardBomber CardRoyal Recruits CardGoblin Cage CardRoyal Hogs CardEarthquake CardArchers CardPrince CardIce Wizard CardValkyrie CardTrophies0Crowns2


Clan Badge50 kings

Mega Minion CardZap CardValkyrie CardRoyal Recruits CardRoyal Giant CardLightning CardNight Witch CardElectro Wizard CardElixir Golem CardGoblin Hut CardElectro Dragon CardBattle Healer CardTornado CardFirecracker CardBaby Dragon CardPoison CardP.E.K.K.A CardArrows CardHog Rider CardFireball CardExecutioner CardFlying Machine CardTesla CardGuards Card0Trophies5Crowns

6 hours and 7 mins ago

DaanDilvenCopy Deck

Clan Badge!!!MAXIMAAL!!!

Inferno Tower CardMega Knight CardZap CardSkeleton Barrel CardFirecracker CardIce Golem CardHog Rider CardSkeleton Army CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy Deck<c4>Zel <c5>Da

Clan BadgeAnathema. 2.0

Mega Knight CardInferno Dragon CardValkyrie CardMega Minion CardLightning CardSkeleton Barrel CardArrows CardDart Goblin Card0Trophies0Crowns

6 hours and 17 mins ago

1 days 7 hours, and 42 mins ago

DaanDilvenCopy Deck

Clan Badge!!!MAXIMAAL!!!

Royal Giant CardWizard CardGuards CardCannon Cart CardMinions CardArrows CardTesla CardBomber CardTrophies0Crowns1

Copy Decklocas_egypt

Clan Badgeghorza warriors

Valkyrie CardTesla CardFireball CardMusketeer CardIce Golem CardThe Log CardMega Minion CardHog Rider Card0Trophies0Crowns

1 days 9 hours, and 8 mins ago